We have 2 separate growout systems that total appx 300 gallons. I know this seems low but 4 of our 5 growout out tanks are shallow frag tanks. I hope to someday get some pictures of the 2 systems and show a complete rundown of each.

Main system has a combination of T5/Radion/Ocean Revives/AI Prime HD’s

Secondary System is currently an 8′ X 2′ frag tank with 20K Radium halides

Both systems use Red Sea Blue salt. We used to use a 60/40 mix with Reef Crystals but found that something in the RC promotes algae and cyano growth. So we discontinued it

Temp=78.5  Apex

SG=1.026 (lab grade glass hydrometer)

Alk= 8.0 – 8.4 (Neptune Trident and Hanna)

Calc=460 (Neptune Trident and Salifert)

Mg= 1420 (Neptune Trident and Salifert)

NO3= 12-20 (Hanna and NYOS)

PO4= .03-.08 (Hanna LR)


It is my intention to discuss our systems, husbandry and product usage on the FAQ or Blog pages as we get further down the road with the website.