DOA Policy

We offer the industry standard 2 hour DOA. Our corals are healthy and happy when they leave the farm. We also pride ourselves on our shipping methods which are some of the best practices in the industry. We have close to a 99% success rate when shipping corals with our packing and sealing  techniques!

Upon arrival, you will need to inspect the corals before removing them from the sealed container. If you suspect a dead or damaged coral, you will need to contact us, with pictures, via text 937-559-3551 or email for DOA to even be considered. If you open the sealed container, this policy is void. We guarantee our corals to arrive to you in tip top shape and once the sealed container is breeched, we have no control over the health of the coral any longer.

If for some reason your order (or an individual coral) does not survive the trip you will receive a credit towards a subsequent order via a gift certificate or coupon code, we do not issue refunds under any circumstances.

If the shipping company delays delivery by a day, the corals should still make it as we use a minimum of 12oz of system water per frag and use 40hr heat packs or cooling gels as needed to maintain an adequate internal temperature. We expect that every attempt to save the coral will be made, by you, before expecting a credit. Credit will only be issued on a case by case basis subject to our professional judgment and approval.

There is one exception to this policy. If we contact you and recommend not shipping for climate issues, acts of god, civil unrest, etc  and we recommend holding the order until a better shipping day and you request the order ship anyway, there will be no guarantee because the delay was expected.