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About Us

Sweet Reef Corals is a home grown coral aquaculture farm in southwest Ohio.

My name is Jesse and I have been in the saltwater hobby since 1995. I have always been drawn to the ocean and all the life that resides below the surface and it was just breathtaking to be able to create that little piece of heaven exactly like it is in nature.

Henceforth came the coral addiction. In 2016 I decided to get deeper into the coral side of the hobby and I was immediately hooked and quickly became an obsessed collector. One tank became 2, 2 became 3 and so on. By 2020 I had accumulated so much coral that I decided to start Sweet Reef Corals and start giving back to the community. I am still working toward collecting 1 of everything, one frag at a time….

Back in 2020 we only shipped about 10-15 orders a year. Since then, we have expanded and are now on track to top over 100 orders for 2023. Our specialty is SPS (small polyp stoney coral) but we have a range of LPS (large polyp stoney coral), polyps, mushrooms, chalices and more. We whole heartedly love providing healthy, gorgeous specimens to our customers at some of the best prices found to allow them to enjoy those little pieces of nature as much as we do.


Sweet Reef Corals